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Cheap car hire insurance Austria

Austria is one of the world’s most spectacular destinations, boasting an array of alpine, lake and city landscapes for tourists to enjoy. Getting around Austria is most effectively done using rental car, however, if doing so, car hire excess insurance in Austria is strongly recommended.

In Austria, drivers use the left-side of the road, which is similar to the UK. However, there are several differences that need to be acknowledged. All cars need to clearly display an ‘Autobahn Vignette’ sticker at all times. Speed limits in Austria must be adhered to and mobile phones are not allowed to be used at any time when driving.

The maximum speed of vehicles along Austrian highways is 130kms per hour. However, many drivers exceed this limit and pass dangerously at times, so caution is advised. In alpine regions, black ice is a common phenomenon, so care is recommended when driving in the snow. Hence, car hire excess insurance in Austria is extremely important to purchase.

Before entering into a neighbouring country, it is important to remember that some Eastern European countries do not allow car hire vehicles to cross their borders. Fines, loss of vehicles and even arrests can result. Vehicle aid can be reached using 123 or 120, and the European line is 112 in case of emergencies.

Tourists wishing to drive in Austria must obtain an international drivers license, and provide a national license. Without these documents, not only will visitors find it very difficult to hire a car in Austria, but they will be driving illegally, where if caught can lead to heavy consequences.

Driving in Austria, like any other country in the world, has its risks. However, with car hire excess insurance in Austria, drivers can significantly reduce the gamble on hiring a car. For a small, extra fee, drivers can fully insure themselves against accidents, potentially saving up to ₤3,000 in the process.