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Cheap car hire insurance Barbados

Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s most famous island destination. Although the island is only small, getting from A to B is best done in the style, comfort and convenience of car hire. To take the worry out of accidents, car hire excess insurance in Barbados is readily available.

Driving in Barbados is done on the left of the road, as they practice in the UK. Some of the roads in Barbados are in perfect driving condition. However, there are quite a number of poor quality roadways with holes, limited lighting and no shoulders which make driving hazardous at times.

Visitors need to adhere to the rules and regulations of Barbados law. Although signs are not always posted, speed limits should be followed, for the safety of everyone involved. It is also illegal to drive without seat-belts, and children under 5 years old must be placed in a baby safety seat.

Caution is advised when driving in Barbados, in particular night driving, we should be avoided altogether. The lighting along many roads is poor, and with the addition of potholes, shoulder-less roads and speedy locals, night driving can be extremely dangerous. Also, be wary of hurricane warnings on the island, which can occur several times a year.

It is important to remember that a Barbados driving license is required for hiring cars on the island, but they can be easily obtained at the airport, police stations and several other places across the island. All a tourist needs is their home or international drivers license.

Of course, accidents do occur, and tourists are no exception. Car hire excess insurance in Barbados is offered at car hire companies across the island. To cover yourself in the event of an accident, and to save you up to ₤3,000 and possibly the vacation itself, opt for car hire excess insurance in Barbados.