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Cheap car hire insurance California

Located on the west coast of the United States of America, California is one of the world’s premier holiday destinations. Many tourists choose to travel the vast coastline using car hire, which can be found in most cities and airports. UK residents are strongly urged to buy car hire excess insurance in California.

Drivers in California, along with other states in the US, use the right side of the road, which takes some getting use to for UK citizens. Unlike the UK, public transportation in California is considered unsafe and inconvenient, so most locals and visitors drive, adding extra pressure on the road system.

There are many universal laws that need to be followed while driving in California. Passengers and drivers must wear seat belts or child restraint seats while in the car. Speed limits differ between urban and open areas and if signs are not posted, drivers should assume these limits are in place.

There are a number of hazards on Californian roads, which give reasons to purchase car hire excess insurance in California. Drivers can be aggressive, and road rage does occur. Along highways and expressways, some lanes are designated for multiple occupancy cars during certain times. Wrongful use of these lanes can result in excessive fines.

A UK license is required for United Kingdom tourists wishing to hire and drive a car in California. It is also advisable that foreign motorists carry a passport with them at all times and their insurance documents, just to be on the safe side.

Car hire excess insurance in California is recommended for UK citizens. Without this extra insurance, accidents could cost drivers up to ₤3,000 as regular insurance provided by rental companies general fail to fully cover the motorist and the excess charges leave many unfortunate people out of pocket every year.