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From the phenomenal sights of Beijing, to the natural beauty of the limestone pinnacles, China boasts the perfect destination for tourists wanting to escape from their everyday lives. Traffic in China is among the worst in the world, but for those brave enough to experience it, car hire is available at airports and most developed cities in the country.

China is notorious for its traffic congestion and all out chaos on the roads. With push-bikes, motor bikes, human pulled vehicles, trucks, vans and cars all sharing the road, it is little wonder why congestion is a frequent occurrence. Also, in China, people drive on the right side of the road.

There is limited enforcement for rules of the road in China, but there are certain laws that should be followed on account of your safety. Speed limits vary according to the area and road type and turning left in front of oncoming traffic occurs regularly, so caution is advised.

A handy hint is to remember that traffic doesn’t stop for bicyclists or pedestrians, but this does not stop pedestrians walking out onto the street. Horns and swerving are common practices in these instances. Military vehicles generally do not follow road rules. As a matter of fact, military vehicles don’t even have to stop for traffic lights. Purchasing car hire excess insurance in China is strongly recommended.

Since 2007, international drivers licenses have been accepted to drive in China, and tourists can apply for and receive a three-month temporary license to legally drive in China. However, to receive the temporary license, a driver’s course must be completed first.

Due to the danger of driving, car hire excess insurance in China, which fully covers drivers in the event of an accident, is advised. Tourists who experience accidents can potentially save anywhere up to ₤3,000 with car hire excess insurance in China. A little extra up front could possibly save you a significant amount in the future.