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Cheap car hire insurance Corfu

Corfu is a popular tourist destination in Greece, offering stunning views, intriguing culture and a relaxing ambiance. There are a number of reputable car hire companies on Corfu, offering the most effective mode of transport for tourists. Car hire excess insurance in Corfu should also be purchased if driving on the island.

Roads in Corfu are generally narrow, winding and not as well-kept as roadways in the United Kingdom, so motorists need to be careful when driving throughout the area. It is recommended that tourists hire small to moderate sized cars, which make driving along the streets much safer.

Road rules in Corfu are similar to that of mainland Greece. Due to the semi-dangerous conditions of the roads in Corfu, speeding is not recommended for safety reasons, and seatbelts should be worn by all passengers. Corfu does contain a police force, but they are generally lax in comparison to the Greek mainland law enforcement.

Night time driving is quite dangerous on Corfu, so should be avoided if possible. Roads are narrow, twisting and lack efficient lighting in certain areas. During the day, roads are shared with mopeds, motorbikes, pedestrians and bicyclists, so extreme caution is required when driving in Corfu. Car hire excess insurance in Corfu is available at car rental companies across the island.

Those UK citizens staying in Corfu or Greece for under 185 days must use both their UK drivers license and international license to rent and drive vehicles legally. Failure to provide both documents can result in heavy fines and other consequences. It is also suggested that passports be carried with you whenever driving in Corfu.

In the event of a road incident, tourists are not fully covered by regular insurance. UK citizens are firmly advised to ask for car hire excess insurance in Corfu when hiring a vehicle. Full coverage is important when considering the numerous hazards regularly experienced on Corfu.