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Cheap car hire insurance Corsica

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is a typical southern European island, with relentless sunshine and a desirable tourist atmosphere. Getting around the island is best done with car hire, but various obstacles need to be taken into account when driving in Corsica. As a result, car hire excess insurance in Corsica is certainly worth purchasing.

There are a few roads that are similarly built to those of the UK, but tourists to Corsica must be aware that most roads meander around or through mountains. Speed limits exist but due to the winding and gradient nature of roads, but most drivers average no more than 40kms per hour throughout the island. There are also more dirt roads in Corsica than paved, so caution is advised if using these.

Police enforce road rules on the island, but laws tend to be more relaxed than in the UK. However, this is mainly due to the fact that the mountainous conditions make driving quite hazardous. When driving, sensibility is advised. Drink driving is also quite strict in Corsica, with heavy fines dished out for violators.

Before embarking upon a driving tour of the island, it’s a good idea to enquire about car hire excess insurance in Corsica. The roads can be narrow and twisting, and combined with motorbikes, mopeds, vans, buses and cars, space becomes an issue. Rockslides are also a hazard for motorists.

A full UK license is needed to hire a car in Corsica. An international license is also acceptable documentation to drive on the island legally. It is also recommended that UK citizens carry passports while exploring the island.

Regular insurance provided by rental companies is usually not enough to fully cover motorists. UK tourists are urged to purchase car hire excess insurance in Corsica. Without it, damages resulting from accidents can costs drivers up to ₤3,000.