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Cheap car hire insurance Denmark

Boasting one of the most livable conditions in the world, Denmark is a remarkable country rich in fascinating history, culture, landmarks and splendid natural scenery. Although Denmark is small in size and has a vast train and bus network, many tourists opt to travel via rental car.

UK tourists are encouraged to buy car hire excess insurance in Denmark when travelling in a car. There are some similarities with the UK, such as compulsory seat belts, non-use of mobile phones while driving and booster seats for young children. Nevertheless, motorists drive on the right-side of the road, which may take some practice getting used to.

Speed limits must be followed, as police tend to enforce the road rules strictly in Denmark. In urban areas, motorists should stick to the limit of 50km/h, but can drive faster in open areas (80km/h) and expressways (130km/h). Driving under the influence of alcohol is quite strict in Denmark, with heavy fines or imprisonment imposed on violators. The legal limit is only 0.25, much lower than the UK’s 0.8 limit.

Most of the roads in Denmark are in good condition, but in the cities, motorists need to cautious of bicyclists and pedestrians. In case of accidents, drivers can call 112 for emergency services.

To hire a car in Denmark, visitors must produce their full UK driving license and be over the age of 18 years. Even though most rental companies provide car insurance for customers, it is recommended that UK tourists ask for car hire excess insurance in Denmark also.

For an extra fee, visitors should purchase car hire excess insurance in Denmark to avoid problems and further costs if accidents occur. Although Denmark roads are considered safe in comparison to other countries in the European Union, accidents are unavoidable, so full coverage is important.