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Cheap car hire insurance Fuerteventura

The small island of Fuerteventura has many secluded delights that tourists often miss out on because they visit on package deals. With many car rental offices located throughout the island and in all of the main resorts, choosing to hire a car will allow you to explore the many sights at your own convenience.

Driving in Fuerteventura is similar to mainland Spain which means driving on the right. If this is something new for you, taking out the car hire excess insurance in Fuerteventura is a good idea. The roads here are not as big as in the UK with many of the main routes being similar to A roads with a national speed limit of 100kms per hour.

The driver of the vehicle and all occupants are required to wear seat belts and the use of mobile phones while driving is against the law. The police do not stop many tourists but drivers must carry their passport and driving license. Drinking and driving is illegal here and limits are less than those in the UK.

Although the highway code is followed reasonably well here, many of the local drivers have a tendency not to use their indicators when turning off of the main roads. Add to this the problem of visitors driving hesitantly as they try to find their way around and you can see why car hire excess insurance in Fuerteventura could be useful.

You can hire a car here if you have a valid UK driving license and are over 21 years old. Many rental companies will also require a copy of your passport and a returnable deposit.

If you do plan to tour the island or drive to one of the quiet beaches around the coast taking out car hire excess insurance in Fuerteventura is a good idea. Accident rates are similar here to those on the surrounding islands but a small accident could turn a cheap enjoyable break into a costly one.