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Cheap car hire insurance Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a popular holiday destination for many people in the UK and most will stay in or around Douglas. Although public transport and daytrips are available to take visitors to some of the islands more remote areas it does not give the flexibility that car rental does.

There are not many differences between driving in the UK and in the Isle of Man as most traffic regulations remain the same and people drive on the left. The main difference is that the island has no national speed limit. This can be a bit daunting for some drivers and they may want the peace of mind that taking out car hire excess insurance in the Isle of Man can offer.

The main legal requirements for driving in Isle of Man are no different to those in the UK. The driver and passengers must wear their seat belts, permitted alcohol levels are the same as in the UK and talking on a mobile phone while driving is not allowed.

The lack of a national speed limit does not mean you can drive as fast as you like with complete disregard for other road users. Speed is restricted in urban areas and reckless and dangerous driving attracts heavy fines. The police here regularly prosecute drivers for using their mobile phones and fines can be steep.

In the Isle of Man you can drive on a full UK license and disqualifications or endorsements gained on the island or in the UK transfer with you. Carrying details of your insurance and identification can save time in the event of an accident.

If you do want to tour around the island by car taking out car hire excess insurance in the Isle of Man is worthwhile as the conditions here are a little different than on the mainland. Car hire excess insurance in the Isle of Man could save you a several thousand pounds in damages.