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Cheap car hire insurance Kenya

Kenya is a fantastic place to tour by car and there are many rental companies at the airports and in the main towns with competitively priced vehicles available. It might not be recommended to try a safari on your own but the cities in Kenya are great to explore and there are hundreds of beautiful beaches that are unbeatable.

As in the UK, driving is done on the left however, the road conditions will not be like anything you usually encounter in Britain. Main roads between the major cities are not too bad but elsewhere expect bumpy, uneven conditions and you may want to consider hiring a four wheel drive vehicle and taking out car hire excess insurance in Kenya.

If you drive here the same laws apply as they do in the UK, so do not drink and drive, do not take drugs and drive, wear your seat belt and avoid using your mobile phone while driving.

Traffic can be busy in the main cities and many local drivers share a common trait; impatience. Don’t be too surprised to see someone pull out into oncoming traffic and hope for the best. Driving outside the main towns is made difficult at night are there is often no lighting. Wet conditions can be extremely hazardous even in a 4×4 and car hire excess insurance in Kenya is a wise precaution.

You can drive in Kenya on a UK license and carrying identification and insurance papers is a must. Rental agencies may have age restrictions and you should use reputable agents as some vehicles might be considered unsafe by British standards.

Although driving in Kenya is not difficult this is a foreign country with different driving attitudes and styles. As a precaution against a bill of up to £3,000 if you are involve in an accident, taking out car hire excess insurance in Kenya is a good idea.