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Cheap car hire insurance Lisbon

As one of Portugal’s biggest cities, Lisbon boast a fantastic assortment of attractions that are well spread out. The historic old centre is ideal for seeing on foot but for the remainder of the sights and to get to the best local beaches making use of car hire is the best way to travel around.

Driving in Lisbon, as in the rest of Portugal, is similar to most destinations where you need to drive on the right. If you have only ever driven on the left or are a little concerned about this, car hire excess insurance in Lisbon is a good idea. Some of the narrow, steep roads in the city can be difficult to negotiate and you may find congestion near the centre.

Drinking and driving is not acceptable in the UK and it is the same in Portugal where limits are lower. Using mobile phones as you drive is against the law and the use of safety belts is necessary. Tourists are treated as harshly as local motorists who break the law and some fines are payable on the spot.

When driving around the city, you will need to remain alert. Portugal has one of the highest European road accident rates and locals often drive too fast for the conditions and forget to use their indicators. Impatience with slow, hesitant tourists can lead to strange manoeuvres making car hire excess insurance in Lisbon worth considering.

You can drive at the age of 18 here though rental companies require drivers to be at least 21 to satisfy their insurance needs. A valid, full UK license is essential and you should always carry identification and insurance documentation when driving.

Seeing the city and even exploring further afield by car is so convenient and you are assured of seeing some beautiful places. A small accident could not only spoil your holiday but leave you with a bill of up to £3,000 making car hire excess insurance in Lisbon a wise precaution.