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Cheap car hire insurance London

London receives quite a lot of bad press coverage when it comes to driving and most visitors expect to find the city an awful place to travel around by car. It is actually not too bad and with many rental agencies offering great rates in the capital it can work out to be an economic way to see the city.

You will find congestion at times in London but by paying the congestion charge the centre of the city is no worse than many others to negotiate. The style of driving here can take a bit of getting used to and you could be forgiven for thinking that impatience was compulsory. If you are a little wary of driving a rental vehicle in the capital, consider car hire excess insurance in London for peace of mind.

London might be a big city but enforcement cameras are strategically located throughout. There is a good chance that you will be stopped for drinking and driving, not wearing a safety belt or talking without a hand-free kit on your mobile phone.

Many of the accidents in London traffic are caused by hesitant driving and people getting in the wrong lane as they tour around. Most attractions are clearly signposted but you must stay alert and make switch lanes early. Although it is unnecessary in many English cities, car hire excess insurance in London is a worthwhile investment.

If you are visiting the city it is not necessary to have your license with you but, if stopped by the police, it saves the time and hassle of producing your documents at a later date. The car hire company you choose will issue insurance documentation that will be required in the event of an accident.

With many interesting attractions located all over the city driving around London makes a great way to get the most out of your visit. By not having car hire excess insurance in London you could be left facing a bill of as much as £3,000 if you are unfortunate enough to get involved in a collision.