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Cheap car hire insurance Madiera

Madeira is undoubtedly a beautiful island with glorious sandy beaches and some fantastic sights. Unfortunately, the chances are that if you are close to one you will need transport to get to the other. The ideal way to get around the island is by renting a car and doing it yourself.

You do have to drive on the right in a car that has the steering wheel on the left but once you are over that hurdle driving around the island is easy. If you are inexperienced on European roads, car hire excess insurance in Madeira might come in handy. Roads between the main towns are generally in good condition but rural lanes can be windy, steep and hazardous.

Traffic regulations in effect here do not allow the use of mobile phones used without a hands free device and require all people travelling in the vehicle to wear a seat belt. Drinking and driving will attract a heavy fine. Safety equipment to be used in the event of a breakdown includes a red warning triangle.

You will find some narrow cobbled roads in some towns and villages that can be slippery when wet. The narrow winding rural lanes can get busy in the height of summer and indecisive driving by tourists can lead to accidents. A sensible precaution when driving is to take out car hire excess insurance in Madeira.

Always carry your international drivers permit or your UK driving license with you in the car along with some form of identification that should have a photograph of you. Keep your car rental paperwork to hand in case of an accident or breakdown.

In order to keep car rental costs competitive most companies have high voluntary excesses in their agreements. Taking out car hire excess insurance in Madeira could save you charges of as much as £3,000 if you are involved in an accident.