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Cheap car hire insurance Majorca

The Balearic Islands have long been a popular destination for British holidaymakers with Majorca being the biggest and most visited. The attractive beaches here are enough for many tourists who just want to laze in the sun but by hiring a car you will discover some amazing beauty spots and some great sights all over the island.

The big difference for most drivers is driving on the opposite side of the road in a car with the steering wheel in a strange place. Once over this problem driving here is relatively straightforward and depending on the time of year you visit, the roads are easy to negotiate.

As with mainland Europe, it is an offence to drive under the influence of drink or drugs, mobile phones without hands free kits are not permitted and seat belts are compulsory for all occupants. If you breakdown you need to position a red warning triangle near the vehicle and wear a reflective jacket when you get out of the car to attend to the repair.

The biggest problem on the roads of Majorca is the glorious scenery, particularly around the coast. Steep hills and windy roads along these stretches seem to encourage many motorists to hesitate and slow down for a look. The peace of mind that car hire excess insurance in Majorca provides is worth the small cost.

When it comes to documentation you should carry, common sense prevails. Driving license, identification and the insurance details provided by the rental company are a must. Do also check that your rental company issues the required safety equipment.

The majority of visitors who choose to drive on the island have a trouble free trip but those who don’t often regret not taking out car hire excess insurance in Majorca. By playing safe and opting for car hire excess insurance in Majorca you could save as much as £3,000 in charges should you be involved in a motoring accident.