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Cheap car hire insurance South Africa

South Africa is a vast country to explore and a great way to see the country is by hiring a car. It is possible to arrange car hire in all major cities, towns and in resort areas. When hiring a car, taking out car hire excess insurance in South Africa is highly recommended.

Driving in South Africa is on the left-hand side. The national roads are in good condition but once you get into the more rural areas, the roads are not so good and have many pot holes. Remember distances across South Africa is vast, so don’t plan to do too much driving in a day as fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents in the country.

The wearing of safety belts is compulsory in South Africa. When driving in rural areas, watch out for stray animals such as dogs, chickens, sheep and sometimes cows and antelope that wander onto the road especially at dusk. This is a great reason why you should seriously consider having car hire excess insurance in South Africa.

South Africa is a wonderful country to explore and has some of the best scenic drives in the world such as the popular ‘Garden Route’. Because of the distances involved, it’s a good idea to just do a one way drop off, for example pick up the car in Cape Town and drop off in Johannesburg.

All driving licenses provided they are written in English are accepted in South Africa. You must have held a license for at least five years. Please keep your car and insurance documents with you at all times.

If you take out car hire excess insurance in South Africa and are unfortunate to be involved in an accident, you won’t have to pay out ₤3,000 in damages.