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Cheap car hire insurance Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country and outside of the main cities, the roads are surprisingly well maintained. There are car hire depots up and down the country, making it very easy to pick up and drop off a vehicle wherever you are.

Thailand drives on the left – the same as in the UK although that is about where the similarity ends. There are many rules of the road but many are not followed and generally, the larger the car, the greater the right of way. There are highways dissecting the country and most are in very good condition; however, motorbikes and even the occasional push bike find their way onto the highways and can cause accidents along with bad driving and carelessness. It is therefore vital to organise car hire excess insurance in Thailand.

There are rules when it comes to road safety, but these are often ignored. Seatbelts are rarely worn and bike helmets are only worn to avoid fines; not to save lives. Bikes and cars often pull out and overtaking on the inside is the norm. Always have your wits about you and expect the unexpected. Take out car hire excess insurance in Thailand so that you are fully covered.

Pick-up trucks are the most popular form of transport throughout the country; however, saloon cars are usually cheaper to rent and more comfortable for back seat passengers. Be aware that the outside/fast lane of highways is also the lane for those wanting to u-turn so cars can come to a stop very suddenly. Also, it is important to remember that unlike in the UK, when someone flashes they are telling you not to go; they will not be stopping to let you in.

In order to hire a car in Thailand, you must hold an international driving licence or if you are simply on holiday for a few weeks, a licence from your own country is valid for two months. All driving licences and insurance documents must be carried at all times.

If you plan to drive at all while you are on holiday, it is important that you organise car hire excess insurance in Thailand. This will save you a lot of money should you be unfortunate enough to be in an accident as excess charges on rental cars can be as much as £3,000.