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Cheap car hire insurance Turkey

It might come as a surprise, but the best way to see Turkey is by hire car. The roads are very good and travel the length of the country, making it possible to visit wherever you like. There are car hire companies countrywide and a large selection in each of the major cities so that picking up and dropping off hire car is easy.

Every car in Turkey is a right-hand drive so it is important to bear this in mind if you are travelling from the UK as everything will be opposite to what you are used to. This can take some getting used to, which means you have to keep your wits about you. Generally the locals’ driving is not as bad as many people expect; especially out of the cities. If, however, you are at all nervous, be sure to take your time and drive at a reasonable speed. The distances are measured in kilometres and signposts are few and far between.

It is compulsory to wear seatbelts in both the front and back of a car and it is also compulsory to have a first-aid kit and red warning triangle in every car. These will be provided for you. There is a high accident record in Turkey which is largely due to drink driving, badly lit vehicles and unsteady lorries.

The best advice when driving in Turkey is to take things slowly because as a foreigner, you will be largely responsible for any accident. It is therefore very important to have car hire excess insurance in Turkey. Be prepared for drivers to overtake on the inside lane and drive very close behind you.

It is possible to drive in Turkey with a licence issued in your home country, but this must be carried with you at all times, along with any insurance documents. If you have organised car hire excess insurance in Turkey, it is also worth carrying this documentation just in case.

If you are planning to include a driving tour into your holiday, or if you just want to hire a car to get from A to B, it is highly advisable to book car hire excess insurance in Turkey as you could be expected to pay anywhere up to £3,000 in damages without it – even if you have first class insurance.